Ben Williams Reel from Ben Williams on Vimeo.

Beck's Song Reader - LIVE PERFORMANCE

Ben Williams Performs "I'm Down" (Beck's Song Reader) @ The Brick Theater from Ben Williams | Musician on Vimeo.


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    Wayne Dynes, October 23, 2011
    Dear Ben Williams, I saw you earlier this evening as Lucius and was absolutely captivated! Your acting talent is superb. I kept thinking that your face was familiar, and then i realized that you are a dead ringer for Michelangelo's David. Anyway, I am glad to learn that you have a music career also. I plan to investigate your disks. Thanks for a mesmerizing performance. Wayne Dynes

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      Ben, October 24, 2011
      WOW; thank you so much for that, Wayne. I think that will carry me through a lifetime of bad hair days. Bless you.

      I am so gratified to know you enjoyed my performance -- it really makes it that much more worthwhile (MUCH more so).

      I will certainly send you some of my demo tunes, if you'd like. I've been working on an EP for some time now; looking for a summer release, but you can at least find a taste of my stuff at (though of course MySpace sucks, their player is better than what I have on my Facebook Musician page at the moment (

      You can also follow my actor-ing at

      Best to you, Wayne. Thank you for your kind words and support.




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